Work is progressing well in preparation for our forth-coming exhibition EDUCATING AVONDALE. This will all be discussed during our next meeting which will be held on Monday 9th April at 7.30pm in the Scout and Guide Centre.

Our local schools and organisations are preparing exhibition panels detailing significant events in their history complimented by photographs and other images. Individuals have approached the Trust with memorabilia and photographs which they are keen to share during the event.

The exhibition will be held in The Granary Building of The Town Mill , Stonehouse Road and will be open 7 days from Saturday 9th June (Gala Day) until Sunday 24th June and thereafter Saturdays and Sundays only until Sunday 12th August.

Do you have any memories you could share with us in the form of photographs or other memorabilia?

Would you be keen to help out during the exhibition by welcoming our visitors and guiding them around our exhibition area?

Could you support us by attending meetings throughout the year? Do you have an interest in local history or skills you could share with us?

Can you offer us your support in our campaign STRATHAVEN DESERVES ITS OWN MUSEUM?

Come along to our next meeting this Monday and find out what we are all about!

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